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There is a product on the market!


It is a wet bulb indicator used to check the vacuum level in an air conditioning or refrigeration system.  It has been designed, tested and proven to be an inexpensive, dependable and very accurate tool.  The instrument measures total pressure from above 100 millimeters to below one millimeter of mercury absolute with extreme accuracy. There is no need to worry about measurement variations or low batteries such as found in electronic vacuum testers.  It is very affordable and comes with a one-year warranty.

Looking at the Vac-U-Ator you will see that it is a quality product.

The liquid in the 4 oz. bottle is a special purified, high-grade carbonal.


You will be pleased with the performance of this product.  It was a year in development and has been on the market for many years.  There has never been a unit returned with a broken seal.

This instrument will outperform any on the market!

Best Regards,
Al Auciello Jr.

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